Production Services Asia also manages and operates Meehadee Ltd., which is a specialist Time-Lapse Photography, Bullet-Time (Time-Slice) Photography Team and Underwater Filming Expert based in Thailand.


Meehadee has been operational since 2010, and we have extensive experience along with Production Services Asia and Location Services Asia to undertake the most difficult of shooting challenges, especially underwater shoots. Setting up props, lights and grips underwater, and so much more.

Have a look at our Underwater, Time-Lapse and Bullet-Time showreel above, as well as some production stills from various shoots over the years. Contact us at info@productionservices.asia for quote and enquiries!

We are one of the foremost underwater filming teams in Thailand and South East Asia. We have a decade of experience in this field, and have been on sets large and small. We have setup underwater lights, grips, underwater art design, underwater based stunts and much more. We also have our own camera housing and gear. We make sure safety is observed at all times, and offer advise and training to new underwater cameramen or those interested in filming underwater. Have a look below at some various stills from our underwater shoots.

Meehadee is also one of the most hired teams for Time-Lapse, Motion Time-Lapse, 360 Time-Lapse photography, as well as Bullet-Time, Time-Slice photography (such as the bullet freeze scene in The Matrix). We have our own software, equipment and gear needed to setup Bullet-Time. Have a look at some stills from our various shoots for these.

Follow us on our Facebook Page here  Or keep up with our latest works and projects on our Blog. Contact us for enquiries and quotes at info@productionservices.asia

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