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WHY                         US?

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Production Services Asia LLC Showreel 2020

Production Services Asia LLC Showreel 2020

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Our projects and clients Include..

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Our Team
Our Team

Our multinational team of producers, directors and DOPs include.

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Dhiraj is a 24 years uber experienced Film & Television Producer since 1996. He has worked with all the World's major brands, and kept many a shoot within budget and within control. He is also very saintly. Pooja is just as fast-paced and does things at twice the speed of other mortals. #Professors

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Creative Producer / Director / DOP

Basil is an award-winning DOP and creative genius with a great and humorous storytelling mind. Two of his projects were shortlisted for Oscars last year. He is also a sucker for saving the world through conversation, smart technologies and community projects. #NeverStopsTalking


Director / 1st Assistant Director

Veronica is a multi-national 1st AD with tons of skills. People skills, shooting skills, acting skills, organizing skills and getting things rolling smoothly. She can speak six languages including Italian, Thai, English, Spanish, Catalan and French, which makes her completely unavoidable and truly omnipresent!  #Veronica'sHere

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Line Producer

Manik is a medical doctor with an obsessive attention to detail and scientific approach towards accuracy, budget efficiency and effective workflow. He is also soft-spoken, humble, great problem solver and takes care of the team. #Doctor

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Executive Producer

John is a truly international executive producer (in every sense). Meaning he's physically traveled the globe through different nomadic nations, and connects everyone together. Sort of like the "Secretary General" of Film & TV Producers. #InternationalNomad

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Producer / DOP

Roy being a former IDF paratrooper is a hands-on, proactive producer. He was a military special operations coordinator and has been working in film production since 2004. He is also a DOP for international films and TVCs.  #RoyGetsItDone

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Digital Artist / 2nd Assistant Director

Rakib is an extremely hard working, friendly, multi-skilled, multi-role team personnel. He is able to support the shoot in many roles, such as 1st, 2nd ADs, UPM, PA, Set Photographer, Digital Artist and many more. But his main trait is his people friendliness and making sure everyone's doing well. #Superman

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Location Manager

Noon is a true trekker. Always on the move. Scouting and capturing location images. Opening new possibilities. She is an expert at capturing 360 images and creating all the 360/VR/virtual tours you see on our site. You'll never see her leave without her camera and 4TB portable SSD drive. #LocationQueen

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Production Manager / Casting Director

Pooja is hard-working, charismatic, witty, friendly production coordinator and has expertise in solving difficult problems owing to her skill of inter-team communication. She has handled tough shoots with multiple actors, units and difficult logistics since 2012. Clients always ask #Where'sPooja?

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WHY                         US?

Location Scene Breakdown.
Grounds Fact Sheet.
Scouting Survey Report with sun map.
Satellite Overlay.
Options Presentations.
Scene Visualization.
Scouting Survey Report.
Stunts Safety Breakdown.
Ground Layout Diagram.
Budget Breakdown.
Travel Times.
Budget Visualization.

Location Services Asia Ltd., was started in 2017 by pooling together a team of the most experienced Location Managers and Production Fixers in Thailand, getting together all their location databases, contacts and expertise, and upgrading the service provided to create an ultra-professional scouting, coordination and management workflow. Our goal was to create a specialist niche service for the Locations Team or Department, whereby both producers and production houses can hire and consult us for finding, scouting and obtaining the perfect location for their projects.

Production Services Asia Ltd., was setup later in 2019 as a registered LLC, in order for us to undertake full Line-Production and Production jobs across Asia. We have offices in the US, Germany, Israel and India, and a team of highly experienced and expert producers, directors and DOPs.

We are a company you can trust, rely and source for all kinds of projects, from the ordinary to the complex, and insane. Are you planning to film a car show series? Need scouting for hundreds of miles of roads? Are you looking for a specific shape of a mountain cliff? A beach with a particular kind of sand and color? Are you looking for a building that faces directly towards the sunset or is angled perfectly with the mountains behind? What is the size of that door? How far is it from the nearest hospital? 

You can source these kinds of requirements to us and trust us to present you with the best available options and details for your needs.

Attention To Detail

During scouting we prepare what we call a Locations Scouting Survey Report, where we present you with all the technical and photographic information related to the location and the scene or project it is intended for. We gather and provide for your consideration, all the details with regards to permits, permissions, restrictions, what's available nearby, how far, how safe, how large and everything you can need.

360 images and videos, satellite overlays, sun paths, distances, measurements, all these are standard practices we employ in our information gathering and presentation. Then at during the shoot we prepare a Locations Production Booklet we submit the all the teams in the shoot for the maximum coordination and information flow.

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Skype: msethisuwan

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