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WHY                         US?


Our projects and clients Include..

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WHY                         US?


Our goal was to create a specialist niche service for the Locations Team or Department, whereby both producers and production houses can hire and consult us for finding, scouting and obtaining the perfect location for their projects.


Location Services Asia Ltd., was started in 2017 by pooling together a team of the most experienced Location Managers and Production Fixers in Thailand, getting together all their location databases, contacts and expertise, and upgrading the service provided to create an ultra-professional scouting, coordination and management workflow.

We are a company you can trust, rely and source for all kinds of projects, from the ordinary to the complex, and insane. Are you planning to film a car show series? Need scouting for hundreds of miles of roads? Are you looking for a specific shape of a mountain cliff? A beach with a particular kind of sand and color? Are you looking for a building that faces directly towards the sunset or is angled perfectly with the mountains behind? What is the size of that door? How far is it from the nearest hospital? 

You can source these kinds of requirements to us and trust us to present you with the best available options and details for your needs.

Attention To Detail

During scouting we prepare what we call a Locations Scouting Survey Report, where we present you with all the technical and photographic information related to the location and the scene or project it is intended for. We gather and provide for your consideration, all the details with regards to permits, permissions, restrictions, what's available nearby, how far, how safe, how large and everything you can need.

360 images and videos, satellite overlays, sun paths, distances, measurements, all these are standard practices we employ in our information gathering and presentation. Then at during the shoot we prepare a Locations Production Booklet we submit the all the teams in the shoot for the maximum coordination and information flow.

Areas Served

We are currently a specialist for all locations in Thailand. Our current database consists of over 3000 locations, some of them unique and exclusive.


For Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam, we are building and expanding our database everyday, but currently rely on the experience of our location managers and production fixers to get what you need to proceed for your project. 

Location Services Asia is a registered coordinator with the Thailand Film Office, which means apart from getting you the location permits, we can also obtain the filming permits, work permits as well as handle the production for you as well.


Location Manager's Fee =  7,500 - 9,000 THB per shift (for TVCs)

Location Manager's Fee =  4,500 - 6,000 THB per shift (for Feature Films)

Location Scouting =  4,500 THB per day for Location Manager

Location Survey =  20,000 THB per day for Location Team
LSA VR/360 Scoutview™ = message to ask cost**
some 360 pictures are taken as part of Location Survey, but Scoutview™ requires additional VR Virtual Tours construction and stiticing.


**excludes transportation, food, accommodation and perdiums.

Our Team

Manik Sethisuwan
Line Producer

Manik is a medical doctor and the founder

of Location Services Asia. He is a line producer with expertise in budgeting and a scientific attention to detail towards data and information acquisition, interpretation, management and sharing with all teams.

Basil Childers
Director, Producer, DOP

Basil is a creative genius with a great storytelling mind. He is a sucker for nature locations, farms and forests, fields and mountains. He wants to save the world through conservation. #One World Location

Tharat "Noon" Tripug
Location Manager

Noon is a Locations expert with a great knack for finding locations at the best available rate and terms. She doesn't leave home without her 1TB portable SSD of locations, or her trusted 360 camera.

Roy B. David
Producer, DOP, Casting Director

Roy is a survival specialist and extreme Locations expert. He will accompany you to the depths of the earth. Often wearing a t-shirt and shorts, sporting his trademark hair. This is why we do extreme locations.

Pooja Wanmuntrie
Production Manager, Production Assistant, Casting Agent

Pooja is charismatic, witty, friendly and has an expertise in solving difficult problems. She works tirelessly but smartly, and has her unique way of winning clients over. She is a nurse by education.

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T- +66 98 4144126

Skype: msethisuwan