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Location(s): Selected Houses, Underwater World Pattaya, Others, Pattaya, Thailand

Client: Baltas Erelis (Lithuania) and No Limit Stunts (United States)

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This survey contains a mix of 360 images, scouting video report, stills, Cadrage DOP's viewfinder stills, and Sun Seeker sun-direction images. Master Google Drive Folder for all images and videos:


Underwater World Pattaya is a 105-meter long aquarium window tunnel in Pattaya, divided into three zones. Coral Reef Zone, Open Ocean Zone and Giant of Siam Zone. The house fishes ranging from sharks (Black-Tip Reef Sharks), Eagle Rays, Fat-Nursed Sharks, coral fish, tropical fish, as well as boasting the biggest collection and display of Jellyfish in Thailand.

As part of our scout we made contact with the Sales and Marketing Manager at the aquarium, and with regards to our brief and requirements, they are acceptable to accommodate us, pending further details and scheduling information. But as such, they are acceptable to

  • Allowing an actor to film inside the tank (along with limited dive crew, and the aquarium's own diving experts

  • Allow us to place certain underwater lights inside the tank or on top of the tanks

  • Allow us to place certain props (such as fake/synthetic underwater plants inside the tank, or rocks made clean of microbial or parasitic life to avoid contamination inside the aquarium

For more production notes, please see below. Above is a video of the feeding session performed by the aquarium's divers.

 You can download the PDF of scouting images here. View all the 360 images here. Download all content from the Google Drive folder here


Here are some notes from out scouting

  • Tank is rather small and the average height is around 3 meters from the bottom of the tank to the water's surface

  • When filming inside the tank, black or blue cloth can be used to cover the outside windows and walkways, to use for creating a seamless underwater background plate

  • The management prefers us to work after 5pm (closing hours), not on weekends (Wednesday is preferred).

  • October is their peak season, so we have to book our schedule with them at an opportune time.

  • We can coordinate feeding time with the aquarium in a way that we may control the movement of the fishes in response to their feeding pattern.

  • There is a good working space outside the aquarium, from the surface of the water, but any equipment, rigging requirements needs to be further assessed. 


Access area above the water tanks, and how the look from below from the tunnel.


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